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I have the following json (simplified) objects in a couchdb storage:

    "_id": "5ea7a53e670b432e0fe22a7bc10024db",
    "_rev": "1-ae70c8906f7aa6d73539a89f7ad960ee",
    "type": "job"
}, {
    "_id": "5ea7a53e670b432e0fe22a7bc10041d9",
    "_rev": "4-fa0ba68c35ca548b497a7309389f9087",
    "type": "scan",
    "job_id": "5ea7a53e670b432e0fe22a7bc10024db",
    "number": 1
}, {
    "_id": "5ea7a53e670b432e0fe22a7bc100520e",
    "_rev": "4-3e6b1a028786c265ecb7362e245d049e",
    "type": "scan",
    "job_id": "5ea7a53e670b432e0fe22a7bc10024db",
    "number": 2

I want to make a post request with the keys ["5ea7a53e670b432e0fe22a7bc10024db", 2] (the job id and a scan number). How can I make a map function for a view to filter out the job that has the given id and the measurement that matches the job_id and the number?

Thanks, Radu

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What is you expected output of the request? If you just want to get the scan, emit in map the key you want to search for:

function (doc) {
  if (type == "scan" && number) {
    emit([doc.job_id, doc. number], doc);

If you need two documents -- the job (full document, not just id) and the scan, either emit both of them in single emit with include_docs=true parameter in the request's URL:

function (doc) {
  if (doc.type == "scan" && doc.number) {
    emit([doc.job_id, doc. number], {scan: doc, _id: doc.job_id});

or in two emit's with:

function (doc) {
  if (doc.type == "scan" && doc.number && doc.job_id) {
    emit([doc.job_id, doc. number, "job"], {_id: doc.job_id);
    emit([doc.job_id, doc. number, "scan"], {_id: doc._id});

You will get both document with startkey=["5ea7a53e670b432e0fe22a7bc10024db", 2]&endkey=["5ea7a53e670b432e0fe22a7bc10024db", 2, {}]&include_docs=true (or keys=[]) in the URL.

Check the view API for the include_docs option.

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Thank you for your advice, it worked like a charm! I was trying to manually emit the job as well along with the scan instead of using the include_docs option. A question though: why does the endkey parameter have an empty object at the end? It seems to work just fine without it as well... – Radu Sep 9 '12 at 18:25
@Radu, read wiki.apache.org/couchdb/View_collation – Marcello Nuccio Sep 10 '12 at 8:39
@Radu: it is because of the sorting order. You can consider {} as the upper bound. – Marcin Skórzewski Sep 10 '12 at 17:28

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