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How to add sharekit to existing project for sharing on social networks.

Following instructions from sharekit wiki.

If i add sharekit.xcodeproj to my project i see only one target in share kit but in sharekit wiki it shows four targets.

When trying to add ShareKit's targets as depenedencies to your project's build phase: your project's app target - build phases - target dependencies add 2 new targets from ShareKit subproject: "Static Library" and "Resource Bundle". I dont find any static library and resource bundle.

Please help how to add sharekit in project.

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Please use this link to follow simple instructions to add Sharekit to any iPhone or iPad project. I know it is very complicated first but infact is very simple. Try it.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hope it helps.

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what i did to find these targets ;

Right click on your your project navigator in xCode, then choose Add files to ... then choose submodules in your project folder and add.

enter image description here

After that you will find "Static Library" and "Resource Bundle" in targets dependencies.

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