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I have read in the 32feet samples that it can do the folderListings operation, And I'm planning to make more of a File explorer which can do upload and download files,

My question is, can I upload and download a whole folder including its contents using Brecham.obex library? Any help will be appreciated.

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32feet.NET includes basic OBEX support which doesn't include folder-listings etc. However their partner library Brecham.Obex library supports all OBEX features. See http://alanjmcf.me.uk/thirdparty/Brecham.Obex%20library/

  • "The library provides very broad client-side OBEX support, providing not just the ‘Put’ operation that most libraries and applications support, but also the complete set of operations: Connect, Put, Get, SetPath, Delete, and Abort. This is accessed through a session based interface. ... "

  • "support for [...] the Folder Listing XML documents as used by the Folder-Browsing service."

Also see the FolderExplorer2 sample shown in that page. It shows folder browsing and download etc.

Get the library download at http://inthehand.com/files/folders/objectexchange/default.aspx

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sorry for the typo, so that means using the brecham.obex i ca achieve the upload and download of folder? –  Bon Cyrus Sep 12 '12 at 15:03

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