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I have a plain text file, containing emails in the following format:

"Name Surname" <name.surname@exmaple.com>,  'Name2 Surname2" <name2.surname2@example.com>, ...

Note: there are two spaces between each name-email pair. The whole file is on a single line.

How could I, using PHP, extract the data (only the email is necessary, but the name would be nice too) and insert it in an SQL database (assuming $dbc as the SQL Connection Object)?

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$file = file_get_contents('emails.txt');
$file = explode(',',$file);
foreach ($file as $recipient) {
    $recipient = explode('<',$recipient);
    $name = trim($recipient[0]);
    $name = str_replace("'",'',$name); // remove apostrophes
    $name = str_replace('"','',$name); // remove double quotes
    $email = str_replace('>','',$recipient[1]); // remove ">"
    echo $name . ' ----- ' . $email . '<br />';
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Thank you very much! This worked perfectly! –  Sean Sep 9 '12 at 14:35

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