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I have two tables that have relationship like

tbl_department whose entities are dept_id and dept_name where dept_id is primary key and next table is tbl_employee whose entities are emp_id, emp_name and dept_id where dept_id is foreign key that references the dept_id of tbl_department. Now, in my jsp page i want to display the format like this:


I am doing above display in JSP page using the JSTL sql tag, and I know it violates the MVC architecture, so, how could I solve this problem i.e. how can I do this relationship mapping it in either Model or Controller in Spring instead in JSP page. Is there any examples or tutorial I can find for this kind of problem

Thank you

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First, you have to decide whether it would be worth your while using Hibernate. You should research this yourself to decide whether the rest of your app would benefit from using it (too big a topic to address here).

Assuming you only want to do the use case you have outlined in the question, I'd suggest you use Spring's JDBC support and create a Service (or just a DAO) to perform the SQL that you are currently using in your JSP. I'd create a simple DTO class to hold the Emp_id|Emp_name|dept_name data and populate that in your Service/DAO and then pass it to the JSP via the Controller.

This Spring MVC Example (skeleton) app would be a good place to start, to see how those components are created and wired together.

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