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I'm looking to automate the deployment of XMLA scripts. I've come across an article that gives a small demo, but I'm hoping to find more info.

Specifically, where is the documentation for Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Xmla.XmlaClient and what is the best approach for overridding the database and connection values that are embedded in the XMLA script?

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Apparently Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Xmla.XmlaClient is an undocumented library that is actually part of Management Studio and is not re-distributable. I think that using one of Jason's suggestions or the AMO library are your only approaches.

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I assume you are just trying to deploy the analysis service cube. This utility has commandline switches and can suport configuration for different targets Analysis Services Deployment Wizard

If you need to add further customizations, you can always process the resulting xml files with either xslt, powershell, or .net

ascmd.exe can also run xmla scripts: ascmd.exe commandlline utility

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