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I am trying to access the MenuItem in a ContextMenu which itself is part of a countrol's resources

                        <ContextMenu x:Key ="GroupContext"  StaysOpen="true">
                        <MenuItem Header="Blast to Whole Group" Click="BlastGroup_Click"/>
                        <ContextMenu x:Key ="ContactContext"  Style="{x:Null}" Loaded="ContextMenu_Loaded">
                            <MenuItem Header="Delete Contact" Click ="ContactDelete_Click"/>
                            <MenuItem x:Name="ModifyGroupMenuItem" Header="Modify Grouping"  Style="{x:Null}">

How can I get a hold of ModifyGroupMenuItem? I found a solution to get hold of the ContextMenu WPF control reference from xaml is not visible on the code side

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By an index into the Items collection, or by looking through the logical tree.

    ContextMenu menu = this.Resources["ContactContext"] as ContextMenu;

    MenuItem menuitemindex0 = menu.Items[0] as MenuItem;
    MenuItem menuitemindex1 = menu.Items[1] as MenuItem;

    MenuItem menuitembyname = LogicalTreeHelper.FindLogicalNode(menu, "ModifyGroupMenuItem") as MenuItem;
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thank you very much, works well! –  tesla1060 Sep 9 '12 at 15:38
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