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i have php page with get 2 parameters $link and $text i want get $link parameter with all parameters inside it example


i want get link = '' and get text = testtext

i use this php script


      $text = $_GET['text']; 
      $link = $_GET['link'];

      echo  $text;
      echo  $link;



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What is your question? – LonelyWebCrawler Sep 9 '12 at 14:49
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You should encode your parameters before using it on GET.

echo '<a href="test.php?link=' . urlencode('') . '&text=' . urlencode('testtext') . '">test</a>';

In that way, there is no conflicts between google vars and yours.

See urlencode() manual for details.

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$link_mod = str_replace("?", "&", $_GET['link']);
$array = explode("&", $link_mod);
unset($array[0]); #get rid of segment
$segments = array();
foreach ($array as $line) {
   $line_array = explode('=', $line);
   $key = $line_array[0];
   $value = $line_array[1];
   $segments[$key] = $value;
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If you want to pass a URL as a parameter, you must escape it. Otherwise the parameters will appear as $_GET parameters inside your script.

You have to generate your link using urlencode():

$link = "test.php?link=".urlencode("")."&text=" . urlencode("testtext");

Also use quotation marks when using strings:

$text = $_GET['text']; 
$link = $_GET['link'];
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