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var searchp   = $('body'),
    searchval = searchp.html(),
    name      = ['Abraham Lincoln', 'George Washington'];
    cname     = name.toLowerCase().replace(/ /g, ''),
    restr     = searchval.split(name).join('<a href="#" data-name="'+cname+'">'+name+'</a>');

searchp.html( replacestr );

I need some help with a litte replace function. It works fine if I use name= 'string name', but I can't get it to work with arrays. Hopefully you can help me.

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The split/join technique to replace all occurences only works for a string. If you want to use an array, you'll have to loop. – pimvdb Sep 9 '12 at 15:03
FYI, you have a ; after the Array which makes cname and restr global variables. I prefer to use leading commas on each line (below the var) instead of trailing commas to make it very clear that all the commas are present. – gray state is coming Sep 9 '12 at 15:14
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You try to call toLowerCase() on an Array which provides no toLowerCase() method. Instead you should specify an item in that array like:

cname     = name[0].toLowerCase().replace(/ /g, ''),

This is easy to spot of you open the console of your browser as running it in Chrome gave me this message:

Uncaught TypeError: Object Abraham Lincoln,George Washington has no method 'toLowerCase'

As comments on your questions indicate you probably don't want to hard code the index of the element but instead use a loop. I tried to fiddle around with your code but it seems some input from #body is missing to get some semantic in your lines so all I can provide is one suggestion how to loop over an array of srings:

var name = ['Abraham Lincoln', 'George Washington'];
$(name).each(function(key, value){

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Thank you very much. I got it working, but I placed the replacestr variable inside the each function, so it get overwritten, by the second array item. Other than that it works. Also I changed this: var replacestr = searchval.replace(regexname, '<a href="#" data-name="'+cname+'" class="vcard-call">'+name+'</a>'); – Bastian Hofmann Sep 9 '12 at 15:59

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