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We are building an iPad kids application in which a kid is requested to color different shapes with specific color. For example, consider an image with sky and trees , etc. all overlapping and a kid has selected a color for example "Blue" and then he taps the sky , the sky should turn to blue otherwise it should say "wrong color"

My questions are:

1- How to implement the coloring of the sky only with the selected color. We have implemented a Coco2d Floodfilling but it is too slow.

2- How to tie each part of the image with a specific right color. We suggested loading a fully colored image in a background layer and testing it at the tap .... BUT how to implement it.


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Are the shapes originally vectorial? If so, a solution would be to work directly with them as vectors, parsing them into CoreAnimation shapes.

You can give a try to SVGKit (https://github.com/SVGKit/SVGKit) or get some inspiration from it. You'll get CAShapeLayers (https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/GraphicsImaging/Reference/CAShapeLayer_class/Reference/Reference.html) where you can change the fillColor property.

I believe that this way would be much more responsive (and the app size much more lighter) than doing tricks with images ;-)

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