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I'm not entirely sure what I changed, please help me. I was trying to place the location of pg_config into the path so that my Mac would install psycopg2. In essence, what I did was edit .bash_profile and I thought I just added the location of the pg_config file into it.

I fear I may have screwed something up, however, since now there are some fundamentally basic Unix commands that aren't working; for example, if I type ls -la it says it doesn't recognize it any more. I can't run emacs or vim to edit the .bash_profile file, and while I know it's in my home directory, I'm having trouble telling the system to edit it.

Please help me! I would really appreciate any suggestions at all!

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type explicit paths to the basic commands, e.g. /bin/ls and /bin/mv. If your .bash_profile is causing problems, put it out of the way temporarily: mv .bash_profile .bash_profileX –  pb2q Sep 9 '12 at 15:57
/usr/bin/vim ~/.bash_profile will let you edit the file –  Peter Oct 6 '12 at 1:01

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