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I have a SilverLight application which uses entity framework 4 for data access layer. I need to manually create some entity objects and later save to database.
I have this peculiar problem. When Instantiate the object and then assign some values to its property I got an error "An item with the same key has already been added". This is before the object is even added to the instance of ObjectContext. Also, before switching to SP1 of Visual Studio, there is no problem. It only happens after we upgraded the VS2010 to SP1.

In code, it is like this.

class cls = new class(); 
cls.class_name = "test";

The exception is thrown when class_name is assigned a value at run time. "class" is an entity object manually created and it maps to a table in th SQL database.

Where I should look to solve this problem?

Any help is greately appreciated.

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