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I'm interested in finding web pages / web applications that use particular JavaScript libraries. Libraries project pages usually host a few examples and may link to several sites using the library. This isn't always adequate to judge how suitable the library may be for your application. It is useful to see example usage of the library in the wild such as to judge scalability, flexibility, or other criteria.

Are there any tools to find web pages that refer to a certain JavaScript filename in the header of an HTML file? The original filename of the library is generally preserved by websites. For example I could search on "joint.min.js" to find pages that contain variations of <script type="text/javascript" src="js/joint.min.js"></script> in their header.

Are there any crawlers that index JavaScript files? I could search using identifiers / variable names used in the library.

Any other methods? Any crawlers that allow you to search on the hashes of files?

Note: I'm not looking for instructions on how to use the Google cache or Wayback Machine to access content of offline websites.

Edited to remove unnecessary details. Unedited question mentioned that a library's website was down.

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I don't know what JointJS is for, but usually, the code on somebody's website is not a good example to learn from. It's very specific to their needs and that's all you'll get. Not the simplified examples of all the features the docs will have. – sachleen Sep 9 '12 at 16:53

If and when the desired website comes back online, next time use HTTrack to download an offline copy of the website for your own access at anytime.

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