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I can't add MongoDb to my Lift WebApp. I have added the maven dependency i.e.


to my pom.xml file, but I still get not found: object mongodb when I try import mongodb._

Here is the code where I get the error (taken from

import net.liftweb._
import mongodb._ // <- Here is the problem
import util.Props
import com.mongodb.{ Mongo, ServerAddress }

object MongoConfig {
  def init: Unit = {
    val srvr = new ServerAddress(
      Props.get("", ""),
      Props.getInt("mongo.port", 27017))
    MongoDB.defineDb(DefaultMongoIdentifier, new Mongo(srvr), "myapp")
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I'm using eclipse and the project was created using maven archetype lift-archetype-basic_2.9.1 – ilija139 Sep 9 '12 at 17:25

You can add it in your build.sbt file :

libraryDependencies ++= {
    val liftVersion = "2.4"
        "net.liftweb" %% "lift-mongodb" % "2.4",
        "net.liftweb" %% "lift-mongodb-record" % "2.4",
        "com.foursquare" %% "rogue" % "1.0.29" withSources(),
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Can't this work with maven? – ilija139 Sep 9 '12 at 17:38

You should post the source and the exact error message when asking for help. AFAIK there is no mongodb package or object...

Anyway, here is an example code which works:

import net.liftweb.mongodb.record.{ MongoId, MongoRecord, MongoMetaRecord }
import net.liftweb.record.field.StringField
import net.liftweb.mongodb.record.field.MongoMapField

object Device extends Device with MongoMetaRecord[Device]

class Device private () extends MongoRecord[Device] with MongoId[Device] {
  def meta = Device

  type idType = _id.MyType

  object serial extends StringField(this, "")
  object name extends StringField(this, "")
  object deviceInfo extends MongoMapField[Device, Any](this)

Your dependency looks good.

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The exact error message is just that "not found: object mongodb". I posted the code where I get that message. Anyway I can't see the jar downloaded in my Maven Dependencies and added to the build path, so that's why I think something is wrong with the dependency configuration. – ilija139 Sep 10 '12 at 13:25
I managed to make this work without using eclipse. I have tested with your code and it works. It seems that this is eclipse's problem... – ilija139 Sep 10 '12 at 14:39
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The problem is with Eclipse and its plugins - can't find the appropriate jars or something.

I tried by not using IDE and it works. It also works with Intellij IDEA CE 11.1. so I'll be using that for development.

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