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I'm using PHP + wget to upload a file on an old cgi-bin control panel web-to-fax.

The cgi (dont know its language) checks the file format (doc txt pdf) and then returns me the error: "incorrect file format". If I do it manually everything works fine.

The form is 6 steps long, every step is quite similar (it asks you for destination, number of retries, etc) and my PHP + wget scripts work as expected (cookies handling, post, get, etc).

This is how the form looks like (lightened and translated from the original):

<FORM ACTION="xyz_httpfileupload" METHOD="post" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">
Write the file with full path:

    <INPUT TYPE="FILE" NAME="sourcefile" size=40 maxlength=200>
    <input type=hidden name=destfile value="N527yb">
    <!-- this is a random generated filename -->

    <input type=hidden name=urlredirect value="./xyz_upload?destfile=N527yb&filename=/tmp/VOTU9.txt">
    <!-- this is another random generated filename -->

    <input type=submit name="Upload" value="Upload">

The code (and some tests) shows that you can use both GET or POST.

This is my code, followed by explainations:

$command =  ' wget --debug -qSO- --cookies=on --keep-session-cookies '.
            ' --save-cookies='.$cookie.' --load-cookies='.$cookie.
            ' --header="Content-Type:text/plain" '.
            ' --post-file="'.$file.'" '.
//          ' --post-data="sourcefile='.$rawfile.'" '.
            ' --post-data="'.
                '&filename=/tmp/'.$randname.'.txt" '.
                '&pload=Upload "xyz_httpfileupload" ';
$data = shell_exec($command." && sleep 10 2>&1 | tee ".$dir."logfile.txt");

$cookie is the full server path to the cookie file. It works as expected.

$file is the full server path to my file. It's a simple file.txt

$randfile and $randname are retrieved using preg_match on the HTML output.

The commented line with $rawfile is a try to send the raw urlencoded content instead of the file: somebody say it's a working alternative but not for me, or at least I didn't code it right.

I also tried to post directly into the URL you see in urlredirect, but I get the same error file format incorrect, but I can't assure the right parsing from the cgi if I jump a step.

In any case logfile.txt was left empty.

I know curl would make my life easier, but the ubuntu platform the script resides on only supports wget and I feel I'm half the way on.

Advice me on methods to debug it. I can't via shell because I would lose the random names generated on every refresh. Perhaps TCPdump? Thanks for any advice you can give me, I think this is the ultimate discussion to definitely solve this matter.

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