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Hi guys, I'm quite new to SQL and I have the following question. I have one table with two columns named student_Type and Fees. I need to update the Fees column with values 5000 and 10000 where student_Type is = HomeStudent and Student_Type is = Overseas. I tried the following

UPDATE Student_Types
SET Fees= 5000,Fees=10000
WHERE Student_Type = 'HomeStudent' and 'Oversea';

I get duplication error because I have set same column twice. How can I get around this

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One way

UPDATE Student_Types
SET Fees= IIF(Student_Type = 'HomeStudent', 5000, 10000)
WHERE Student_Type IN ('HomeStudent','Oversea');
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I guess there is no real need to do it in ONE query, so why bother with IIF?

UPDATE Student_Types
SET Fees = 5000
WHERE Student_Type = 'HomeStudent';

UPDATE Student_Types
SET Fees = 10000
WHERE Student_Type = 'Oversea';
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