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I am attempting to place a videobrush in my application, although I've noticed that in portrait mode the aspect ratio is different than in landscape mode. How would I adjust this so that the videorbush remains in its default aspect ratio regardless of the rotation of the phone?


<Rectangle x:Name="videoRectangle" Grid.Row="0" Grid.ColumnSpan="2" >
                <VideoBrush  x:Name="viewfinderBrush">
                        <!--<CompositeTransform x:Name="viewfinderBrushTransform" CenterX=".5" CenterY=".5" Rotation="90" />-->
                        <CompositeTransform x:Name="viewfinderBrushTransform" CenterX=".5" CenterY=".5"  />

MainPage.xaml.cs adjustments in code behind?

To note, I have set SupportedOrientations="Portrait"

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All you need is to use set the Brush.RelativeTransform property to a CompositeTransform according to the orientation of the device.

Check this sample and search for "OnOrientationChanged" on the code to see what you'll need to do in your app.

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