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I am writing an application that connect to ESRI's File Geodatabase, which is a proprietary database. I found a custom ADO.NET data provider for this File Geodatabase. I like to access this database with NHibernate. Can I use this ADO.NET data provider with NHibernate without writing any customization code for NHibernate? is there a driver that deal with generic ado.net provider? so far what I found, they told me to implement IDriver, and IDialect in order to acheive that. And in case I have to write my own implementation, is there any document that describe how to do that?

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There is a GenericDialect (not quite full-featured, as few things are less standard than SQL), but you need to implement a driver so NH can connect to the db.

You can take any of the simpler drivers in https://github.com/nhibernate/nhibernate-core/tree/master/src/NHibernate/Driver as a starting point.

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