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I've read a few SEO posts that suggested I should implement a meta-keywords tag into my Blogger template to better optimize search results. This made sense, but then I bumped into this radical blogpost, stating that I should not add the meta-keywords tag, and that it can only hurt my SEO! Apparently, search engines don't use it anymore. Is this true? Should I still add a meta-keywords tag?

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Google won't give any attention to it. Some others might (Yahoo, Bing, …). But you can bet that it won't help much.

Some search engines might (not verified) penalize pages that misuse it (e. g. spamming keywords that are not related to the page content). This was the case years ago when search engines still looked at it.

So, it won't benefit your ranking noticeable, but it won't hurt either (if you don't spam).

It may give some benefits for local search engines (if someone downloads your documents) or for DMS (but you'd know if that applies to you).

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