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I am working on retrieving and parsing some data from an API. I can get the data in and function it to an array. I can then display the data in a form. However, when I go to process from the form I am only returning the last array function instead of the desired response. Any ideas?

Here is the section, I am having troubles with.

** Note the information comes in from the API in a less than desirable format so I have to clean that before posting to my forms.

$info = array();

$byline = explode("\n", $data);

foreach ($byline as $i=> $value) {

if ($value !=""){
$info[] = $value ;

if ($info !=""){
$number = array();
foreach ($info as $newdata){
$row = explode(",", $newdata);
$number[] = $row[0];

echo "<table style='border' cellspacing=0 cellpading=1> 
<form method=POST action=numberfinal.php name = Number>
<input type=hidden name=CUST value=$CUST>
<tr><td><input readonly name=number value=$number[0]></td>
<td>$rate</td><td>$CUST</td><td><input type=submit value=Order name=Order></td></select> 

<tr><td><input readonly name=number value=$number[1]></td><td>$rate</td><td>$CUST</td>   <td><input type=submit value=Order name=Order></td></select> 

<tr><td><input readonly name=number value=$number[2]></td><td>$rate</td><td>$CUST</td> <td><input type=submit value=Order name=Order></td></select> 

<tr><td><input readonly name=number value=$number[3]></td><td>$rate</td><td>$CUST</td> <td><input type=submit value=Order name=Order></td></select> 


** To be more clear, no matter which submit I press (row 1 or row 4) the same number is passed through to my post. I would like to ensure that the appropriate number gets pass through, i.e. $number[0] or $number[4] depending on which submit is requested **

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your inputs have the same name so overwrite each other –  Dagon Sep 9 '12 at 21:05
Perhaps you mean to name those inputs as an array: name='number[]' –  Michael Berkowski Sep 9 '12 at 21:06
Or make 4 forms –  Ties Sep 9 '12 at 21:07
Just a tidbit comment but I feel you are going about making your table rows in a very redundant way. From what it looks like, you are simply creating the same row but with different input values. Why not use a for loop rather than echoing every single one? As for your actual question, I think Dagon is right. –  aug Sep 9 '12 at 21:10
learning to write valid html would help also :-) –  Dagon Sep 9 '12 at 21:12

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You need to give each INPUT element a different name, so that you can retrieve them each when processing the form. If this is an array of similar inputs, the way to do this is to add [] to the end of the input name; PHP will automatically build an array in $_POST for them:

<input readonly name='number' value='$number[3]'>

When you're processing the form, use:

foreach ($_POST['number'] as $number)

to process each of the entries.

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