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I have many aspx pages which inherits a base Class. base class has a method name "GetGroupID", This method returns different data depends which page i am on, now few pages need to override this method (which is fine).

Problem: I have user control which is placed in almost all pages, now this user control Accessess GetGroupID method from page base class, which is fine as long as i know page class name, since I have so many pages, one base class and one user would be niceif I can get Page Class name from UserControl and execute the base method dynamically.

Curreny I have following code which works within UserControl

Dim c As homepage = CType(Me.Page, homepage)
Call c.getGroupID

However in above example I know the Page Class name (homepage), but lets say i am on a different page which has a classname "portal", it would be impossible for me to keep track of so many pages.

I would like to excute the method in base class within user control, and I would like to override this method for certain pages.

please advise.

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You could let the base-page implement a custom interface, for example IGroupable with a method GetgroupId. Then you only have to know in the UserControl that it's Page is IGroupable(either directly or through inheritance) and you know for sure that it has a method GetgroupId.

Public Interface IGroupable
    Function GetGroupId() As Int32
End Interface

Class BasePage
    Inherits Page
    Implements IGroupable
    Public Overridable Function GetGroupId() As Integer Implements IGroupable.GetGroupId
        Return 1
    End Function
End Class

Class ChildPage
    Inherits BasePage
    ' default implementation of GetGroupId from base page '
End Class

Class SpecialPage
    Inherits BasePage
    ' override it here since it has a different implementation than in the base page '
    Public Overrides Function GetGroupId() As Integer
        Return 2
    End Function
End Class

You get the id in the UserControl in this way:

Class UserControl1
    Inherits UserControl
    Dim id As Int32 = DirectCast(Me.Page, IGroupable).GetGroupId()
End Class
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with this approache i need to force all my pages to implement an interface (fine I guess)...also currently my method is within Page BASE class. I would like under user control to exeute method "GetGroupId" from Page's base class and ONLY on few pages I need to override GetGroupId pages. With your interface approach i guess my base class method will be ignored? –  highwingers Sep 9 '12 at 21:22
@highwingers: Edited my answer slightly. You could let the base page implement that interface and override the method in each child page where it differs from the default implementation. –  Tim Schmelter Sep 9 '12 at 21:42
very interesting, never though I could do nice hacks with Interfaces:) –  highwingers Sep 10 '12 at 0:29
Actually that's not a hack but simply OOP. That's why interfaces (or inheritance in general) exist. –  Tim Schmelter Sep 10 '12 at 5:46

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