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Is there a way to add a sub/child application to an existing IIS Web Site?

I know this can be done by the IIS Admin Gui but in some CMS'es like EPiServer this can be done by config. Somehow creating a virtual application instance inside the current IIS Web Site.

Add application

Any advice or reference to how to solve this or where to start is highly appreciated. Im using IIS 7.5


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this can be done using command line. You could create a batch file and run it as a post-deploy event.

This is the general syntax (you can find more info here):

appcmd add app /site.name: string /path: string /physicalPath: string
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This can also be done using Windows PowerShell.

Following Script Commands should do the trick

** Import-Module WebAdministration set-location iis:\ new-item "iis:\Sites\Default Web Site\appname" -physicalpath "physicalpath" -type Application -force**

Where appname is the name of application you want to add and physicalpath should be the path to content of web application.

For detail information please visit http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh867899.aspx

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