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I have a RN-171 WiFLy module (I'm very new to working with hardware, btw) and I need it to talk to an iPhone over WiFi.

To achieve that, I've chosen to host a web server on the iPhone using CocoaHTTPServer, set the RN-171 in Adhoc mode, join the network via the iPhone and then send requests to the iPhone server via the device.

The module works correctly when I try to load a page on my Mac (running on Apache). The device prints out *OPEN*, shows the returned HTML and then prints out *CLOSE*.

With the iPhone application, however, it simply hangs at *OPEN* for a while until it times out and then shows *CLOSE*. I've put a breakpoint in the application and can indeed see that it is hitting the iPhone server but for some reason the server is responding correctly.

I couldn't figure out the issue by stepping through the application but I'm guessing that the request isn't being closed or something.

set dns name www.rovingnetworks.com
set ip host 0
set ip remote 80
set ip proto 18
set com remote GET$/server.php?value=
set sys auto 10
set option format 1
set uart mode 2

The above are the commands I'm entering into the device to try and get it to connect taken from manual. In my case, I'm setting the dns name to the iPhone IP and the remote string to the GET$/index.html?value= however I'm not having any luck.

Any ideas?

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I was using Picocom to talk to the device. I set the options to convert linefeeds and carriage returns to CRLF and it worked correctly.

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