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I am developing some projects in PHP. I am a senior Delphi programmer and just starting as PHP Programmer, so some questions just pop's up from my day by day. I take a long time developing a PHP work and at the end I do have to upload the whole project to the client's host. Once I upload it, the client automatically will take over my programming work, if they decide kick me off and give all my hard work to another programmer, they can do right? Is there anyway to encrypt or do something similar to protect my code? Just like we do with compiled work?

Thank you and appreciate any help.

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You should run the code on your server for demonstration, then get paid, then give them the code. –  bokan Sep 9 '12 at 22:46
the only true protection is proper licensing. –  Dagon Sep 9 '12 at 22:54

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There are a number of tools for encrypting your project (ioncube loader comes to mind), but unless there is some extremely compelling reason for you to do this (for instance, you're selling a 'boxed' program and want to prevent resale), please DON'T! Your clients paid for the project, and it should be their right to take it to another programmer if they choose. It's rare that you'll have created some truly unique, difficult to replicate functionality, and it's the height of poor form to screw a customer just because you want to use an unfair tactic to secure your job.

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The reason that I am asking for is because I am developing a project right now and I sold the right to use it to one of my customers. It is a project that I am working in details and I want to sell it to another clients but once my client has the whole project in its host, he can re-sell it to another person just hiring a programmer to handle the installation process. If a develop a simple PHP projetc, it is ok, I don't wanna be encrypting anything because it isn't worth, but, in this case I see that is very important for me prevent further re-selling of my project without my knowledge. –  Alex Araujo Sep 9 '12 at 23:01
Sounds reasonable. Have a look at SamGoody's answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/764927/encrypt-php-code –  Ben D Sep 9 '12 at 23:08

IANAL, but if the PHP you've developed is a "work for hire" then the copyright belongs to your client and not you - you have no right to "protect" your work from the client. Your client would be well within their rights to sue you or otherwise force you to provide them with access to human-readable source.

However if you've developed a product where the work contract states that you retain the copyright (and usually re-license the product to anyone else) then you're free to do as you wish as long as you meet the customer's requirements.

Note that even if there never was a written contract that explicitly stated who owns it, precedent can be used to show there was an implied contract and that you developed a work-for-hire.

If you have concerns about not getting paid, and wanting to protect you work before then, then you should deploy your code on a demonstration server that you control; this will allow you to demonstrate the end product without the risk of revealing any implementation code.

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Obfuscating or in any other way making it hard for others to maintain the code isn't the right approach in my opinion. If you haven't already, you should sign a contract with the customer clarifying who owns the right to the code, and what rasponsibilities you have. If you are the owner of the code, you should apply some sort of commercial/properitory lisence to it so that the client cannot lawfully give the project to someone else. If you don't own the rights to the code, you have already been payed for what you have done, and it's entirely the clients choice if they want to keep you as a contractor to maintain their code. Prove yourself worthy, and you sould have nothing to fear. In any case there isn't anything you can do about it as the code belongs to them.

I recon the latter case is most likely, in which case I would sit down with the client and agree on which terms you hand the code over to them.

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There is a possibility to write an extension for PHP in C/C++ which is actually able to hide your source. Sarah Golemon wrote a nice book about this and other purposes of PHP extensions.

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Thanks guys for the tips. I will try to use the best way without bring any damage for my client and myself as well. –  Alex Araujo Sep 9 '12 at 23:27

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