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I am using a foreach loop on an array of rows in a model file in CodeIgniter. What i want to do is reflect the changes i make in every row ,in the foreach loop ,to the original array.

        $unique = $this->db->get_where('list', array('item_index' => $item));
        foreach ($unique->result_array() as $row)

                $row["status"]= "Not Unique";
                    if($count==0){ $row["status"]="Unique and Final"; }
                    else {$row["status"]="Unique but Not Final"; }



        return $unique;

I am adding another attribute to each row here and i want to echo this attribute corresponding to each row in a view file. But i am getting error Undefined index: status. How can i possibly reflect the changes in the array to be returned.

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I do not want to copy all the attributes of $unique in a fresh 2-d array ,for each row, and add another attribute status to it. –  heboy Sep 9 '12 at 23:13

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Assign the result_array() to a variable, iterate over it, but change the original array and not the local one. PHP's foreach comes in two flavours:

foreach($arr as $value) and foreach($arr as $key => $value)

Try this:

$results = $unique->result_array();
foreach ($results as $rK => $rV){
    $results[$rK]["status"]= "Not Unique";
    //other stuff.
return $results;

Alternatively, you can pass by reference:

foreach ($results as &$result) {
    $result['status'] = "Not Unique";

See the PHP docs on arrays. Specifically Example 10.

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In your foreach the $row refers to a variable that's local to the loop. Thus changing it does not affect the data in $unique.

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I understand that now but i cannot find a way to reflect the changes to every row in $unique. –  heboy Sep 9 '12 at 23:13

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