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If I'm working in a widescreen monitor I like to primarily use two panes and switch between them with C-a Ca.

If I'm working on a square monitor I'll use two windows. I'd like to be able to switch between them with C-a C-a as well without changing my tmux.conf.

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If you always want C-a to

  • switch between panes when the active window has more than one pane, and
  • switch between windows when the active window has only one pane,

then you can use an if-shell that counts the number of panes in the active window to decide between last-pane and last-window:

bind-key C-a if-shell 'test $(tmux list-panes | wc -l) -gt 1' 'last-pane' 'last-window'

It will still be “up to you” to rearrange your panes when switching between “wide” and “square” configurations (e.g. via break-pane and join-pane).

In tmux 1.8 if-shell and run-shell do format expansion, so you can simply the shell command a bit:

bind-key C-a if-shell 'test #{window_panes} -gt 1' 'last-pane' 'last-window'
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I wonder if there is a less cumbersome way to test whether the current window has more than one pane or not. It really should be one of those tmux variables, like #{pane_count}, then we can use its #{?,,} construct rather than forking out a shell, and another tmux to do IPC, in a pipe, and to wc -l. Unfortunately I can't find a good complete list of all tmux variables. I know of at least one undocumented one which is #{pane_current_command} which has been handy. UPDATE I found it, it's #{window_panes} which is "Number of panes in window". perfect – Steven Lu May 30 '13 at 19:13
crap, those conditional thingies might only work for status-string building, not for determining what shell commands to run. Definitely can avoid the pipe to wc -l though. – Steven Lu May 30 '13 at 19:21
@StevenLu: tmux 1.8 supports format expansions in if-shell (and run-shell), so you can do this in 1.8: bind C-a if-shell 'test #{window_panes} -gt 1' last-pane last-window. – Chris Johnsen May 31 '13 at 1:32
Really? I can send the window_panes value without calling tmux from shell, i.e. the if-shell and shell-run can interpolate these variables? that'd be really awesome. I did get it working that way though, this would be a good optimization – Steven Lu May 31 '13 at 2:52

I'd like to suggest the following (adjust 80 to distinguish between your two terminal widths)

if-shell '[ "$COLUMNS" -gt 80 ]' 'bind-key C-a "select-window -t :.+"' 'bind-key C-a "next-window"'

but I'm either messing up the syntax, or COLUMNS isn't set in the relevant tmux environment, as the above shell expression always evaluates false for me.

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if-shell and run-shell are both run in the context of (forked from) the server (not any particular session or client), so they will not have COLUMNS (nor even a tty on std{in,out,err}). You could get the width of the most recently active client with something like this: tmux list-clients -F '#{client_activity} #{client_width}' | sort -rn | head -1 | cut -d ' ' -f – Chris Johnsen Sep 12 '12 at 3:18

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