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No XML file (the default Main.xml) is generated after I create a new Android Project.

I am using eclipse 4.2, ADT 20.0.3. ADT and SDK have been successfully installed, I think.

When I create a new project, after choosing BlankActivity and leaving out all the details for the activity in their default state and click Finish as described here: Creating an Android Project, but the project wizard does not disappear though a project without any XML or any code has been generated.

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- Go the res folder then go to layout folder, and within it check the main.xml as the default file, you will find the xml.

- Fine if thats a probs...let me show you the way to create a default Android Project in Eclipse.

File --> New --> Android Project --> Write Project Name --> Next --> Select the SDK --> Give ur package name as (eg: com.demo) --> finish.

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I know the steps, but no xml file generated. Only several empty folders have been generated. –  gaoshougaoshou Sep 10 '12 at 3:05

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