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Is there any way to actually get a string of 1's and 0's from a binary format ?

# read in image data
fh = open('test.png','rb')
data = fh.read()

# write binary to text file
fh = open('test.txt','w')

how can i turn that data string into 1's and 0's

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This will convert each byte in your string to 8 binary digits and separate them with a space. You can easily change the separator.

data = " ".join(bin(ord(b))[2:].rjust(8, "0") for b in data)
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Use with so you don't have to explicitly close the fh

with open('test.txt','w') as fh:
    fh.write("".join(bin(ord(x))[2:].zfill(8) for x in data)

If the file is large, the above will use a lot of memory, instead you should read data in smaller chunks and call write() multiple times

fh.close is just a reference to the method that closes the file. To call the method (ie close the file) you do need to say fh.close()

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