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Environment: Ubuntu 12.04 32bit. Emacs 24 with built-in org-mode.
Reproduced on another ubuntu 12.04 with almost identical emacs configuration (home notebook). Setup as in: http://www.mail-archive.com/emacs-orgmode@gnu.org/msg11528.html

Objective: use \cite{} in .org and export to html.

#+TITLE: bug

#+LINK: bib file:bibref.bib::%s

#+BIBLIOGRAPHY: bibref plain limit:t

* Heading
Table of content position in exported html is wrong. \cite{Yang2012}

In the html export, the table-of-content div was inserted into some other block, which often messed up the display. Has anyone noticed the same problem?

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org mode allows direct control over the location of table of contents as in http://orgmode.org/manual/Table-of-contents.html. Simply insert [TABLE-OF-CONTENTS] before the first heading.

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