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I want to configure XMPP server on my machine (Microsoft Windows xp professional), Please tell me how can I proceed. Where can i download it from and what all are the steps for intallation.

Thanks Deepak

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They provide an Installer for that.Just like you install any other thing. –  techie_28 Sep 10 '12 at 5:12
I googled and downloaded [like from ejabberd and others] the many installers but could not install, if u know some link where I can find some step by step installation guide then please let me know. –  deepak kumar Sep 10 '12 at 5:21
@techie_28 He's asking about XMPP (jabber), not XAMPP! –  veljkoz Jan 17 '14 at 12:25
@veljkoz LOL! Sorry... –  techie_28 Jan 19 '14 at 18:49

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The easiest way to install an XMPP/Jabber server on Windows XP is to install Openfire. Here is the guide.

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There is an ejabberd installer for Windows here: http://www.process-one.net/en/ejabberd/downloads/

Does it works for you on Windows XP ?

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Here is the direct link to the binary –  niutech Jun 11 '13 at 8:18

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