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When I run


on the remote host(running Linux), I obtain the following error:

Cannot find terminfo entry for 'xterm-256color'.

I am running terminal on Mac OSX Lion to access the remote host. I have googled to find out the solution to this problem and it appears that people suggest doing

export TERM=xterm-color

which doesn't work for me.

Please help.

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In the terminal app you are using to ssh, go to preferences -> advanced -> Declare terminal as: -> xterm-color (or something besides xterm-256color)

This answer was taken from a comment to this post, which has another solution: http://marcoschuh.de/wp/?p=873

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You probably need to install a package on your Linux host which provides one of the following files:


On Ubuntu, for example, this is provided by the ncurses-base package.

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I was able to change Mac OSX(10.7.5) terminal(v2.2.3, 303.2) emulation from the menu Terminal>Preferences>Settings>Advanced>Emulation Declare terminal as xterm-color

Opening a new terminal ssh connection enabled the new setting.

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I've previously used the default Mac OS X Terminal app to access my Ubuntu-based tmux via ssh, and found the problem you described - my bash and tmux is set to screen-256color, an option not even in the list in the Mac Terminal preferences.

I tried adding the line:

export TERM=screen-256color

as a startup command, but it was ignored and was overridden with xterm-color upon startup.

I also managed to change the settings for the Mac Terminal to screen-256color by choosing Shell > Export Settings, and then editing the XML file it generated, finding the line xterm-color and changing it to screen-256color, then Shell > Importing this settings file. Upon launching the Terminal, however, I found it had still overridden this setting with xterm-color.

So I conceded and downloaded iTerm2 which allowed me to change the screen-256color setting by typing it into a plain text field (rather than choosing from a limited pulldown menu). This worked straight away without even having to close and reopen the console.

So in conclusion, I recommend using iTerm2 rather than the default Mac Terminal (which doesn't seem to allow the changes to $TERM you require).

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Find out which TERM is supported:

ls /usr/share/terminfo/x

this will give you a list of supported TERMs i.e.


set the environment variable:

export TERM=xterm-xfree86

and run screen:

TERMINFO='/usr/share/terminfo/' screen
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