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all. I'm using livereload which is autoreload html,js file tool.

It is very convenient.But I have one problem. I am making single web page app which is depends on hash change website. Like this . /#/home, /#/product. So when reload browser at /#/product it reloads and back to root / url.It's difficult to debug.

I want to save hash location when reload browser. If I reload /#/product page , and I want to stay still at /#/product page.

Do you have any idea? Thanks in advance.

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You are not using a real hash in /#/home. Use /#home or /#product and it will persist on reload.

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very good point –  Anirugu Sep 10 '12 at 5:46

When your page is loaded, you need to have javascript code that runs that examines the current hash value and constructs the right page state that matches that hash value. Then, when your page is reloaded, the base page will load from the server and then your code will run and see that #/product hash value and construct the appropriate page for that hash value.

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