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Possible Duplicate:
line breaks in a textarea

I have a text area where the user inputs some description in paragraphs. Now I want that if the user wants to add two paragraph, he will press enter to add a line break. But when we store that value in database then that line break does not get saved.

I want to ask that if a user press enter to add a line break then it should also get saved in the database.

I m using php.


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use nl2br($content_here); while retrieving

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This one is awesome. – user974172 Sep 10 '12 at 6:15

One line break should be a <br /> and two should signify a paragraph break. So just look for your two "\n\n" statements in your code and replace all those with </p><p> and then just wrap <p></p> tags around the entire string.

Here's the series of steps that should take place:

  1. Submit to your PHP server and set $input = $_POST['input'];
  2. Do $input = trim($input) to remove all the extra linebreaks and whitespace from the start and end of the input.
  3. Then do $input = str_replace($input, "\n\n",'</p><p>');
  4. Then do $input = '<p>' . $input . '</p>';

---- EDIT ----

One final thing to keep in mind. If you do not want to have a bunch of empty <p></p> tags when If a user enters more than two consecutive linebreaks then you need to look out for that.

To get around that, do this instead.

$input = preg_replace("/\n(?:\n)+/",'</p><p>', $input)
//you may need to set the PHP PCRE multiline flag for this to work
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You can use mysql_real_escape_string($input); This would probably save line feeds as well.

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