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Does anyone know of a good tool for debugging JSPs from within Eclipse? I'd like to be able to set and watch breakpoints, step through the Java code/tags, etc within Eclipse while the app is running (under JBoss in my case).

Presumably it's reasonably straightforward to debug the servlet class that's generated from a JSP, but it's also fairly unappealing :)

Cheers, Don

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Man, I could've used this a few months ago on a project. I thought JSP debugging wasn't possible. –  Owen Sep 23 '08 at 20:08

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If you have WTP installed, you can set breakpoints within a JSP and they work fine in a regular "remote debug" session. However, once you've stopped on a breakpoint, stepping through the code is nigh on impossible and finding whatever it is that you wish to inspect takes a lot of digging around in the "Variables" view.

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If you are having to use a debugger in a JSP, chances are very good that you are doing things in the JSP that you shouldn't be. I recommend that you think very hard about whether your current implementation is using good MVC design practice. JSPs really should be about presentation, which shoudl rarely (if ever) require debugging.

If you have certain logic constructs that you are having to implement in JSP, consider implementing them using a custom tag (which is easy to debug in an IDE), or do the processing in controller servlet that presents the data in an easy to digest form for the JSP.

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How do you know @Don is doing anything but debugging atm? How do you know he/she isn't debugging legacy code? –  apollodude217 May 23 '12 at 10:44
A colleague of mine (looking to debug a JSP) commented on this answer when I sent him a link to the question: 'It's like "Quick - I need to get a fishhook out of my eye" "How did you get a fishhook in your eye? That's really not the kind of thing you should do with a fishhook..."' –  CupawnTae Dec 13 '12 at 21:26
@apollodude217 perhaps it was the "step through the Java code" line in his question? I certainly realize that my 'answer' is not what the OP was specifically asking about, however I find that the "hey, maybe you should re-think your approach" answers are the ones that help me become a better developer. I very rarely learned things in any of my uni classes when the instructor answered students questions literally. The real learning happened in the conversational side alleys that arose when the prof asked the student to think hard about why they were asking the question. –  Kevin Day Dec 17 '12 at 3:50
completely disagree - for example I have to debug JSP's because I have a big legacy jsp's codebase. I didn't create this code, this solution, just need to debug it, nothing else. –  nahab Dec 24 '13 at 14:41

BEA Workshop for JSP should work well. You might want to try the full workshop that Oracle released after they bought BEA.

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Apparently, Eclipse has a troubleshooting page on this, though when I tried it I did get a 404 with it. Hopefully this can at least get you started in a good direction.

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Within Eclipse, you can put breakpoints to your jsp file, step through the Java code/tags, etc.
However the only view you can use while debugging is the Variables view to inspect the value of any variable.

And one more thing, you can not see the value for example of this expression:
<%= response.encodeURL("ProcessLogin.jsp") %>
just the value of the variable response.

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