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I have two radio buttons in my NSMatrix with mode NSRadioModeMatrix. By default the 1st Radio button is clicked. My Problem is when i click on my Second Radio Button "Let me Choose" and click on Cancel , both radio buttons seems to be selected. I have tried to deselect my Second Radio Button when "Cancel" in Selecting Folder Dialog is clicked. It works fine when a Path is selected and Open is chosen. With NSRadioModeMatrix, it must be one radio button selected at a time. But how come two buttons are selected at a time. What am i doing wrong in here

 NSButtonCell *prototype = [[NSButtonCell alloc] init];
[prototype setTitle:@"Choose home Folder"];
[prototype setButtonType:NSRadioButton];

NSRect matrixRect  = NSMakeRect(15,150,450,125);

myMatrix = [[NSMatrix alloc] initWithFrame:matrixRect mode:NSRadioModeMatrix
                                           prototype:(NSCell *)prototype
NSSize cellSize;
cellSize.height =40;

[myMatrix setCellSize:cellSize];
[myMatrix setTarget:self];
[myMatrix setAction:@selector(HandleRadioClick)];

NSArray *cellArray = [myMatrix cells];
[[cellArray objectAtIndex:0] setTitle:@"Leave it as Default"];
[[cellArray objectAtIndex:0] setTag:0];
[[cellArray objectAtIndex:1] setTitle:@"Let me Choose"];
[[cellArray objectAtIndex:1] setTag:1];

-(void) HandleRadioClick
NSOpenPanel* dirDialog = [NSOpenPanel openPanel];
// Enable the selection of files in the dialog.
[dirDialog setCanChooseFiles:NO];

// Multiple files not allowed
[dirDialog setAllowsMultipleSelection:NO];

// Can't select a directory
[dirDialog setCanChooseDirectories:YES];

NSString *selectedFolder;
if ([dirDialog runModal] == NSOKButton)
    selectedFolder =[dirDialog filename];
    if([selectedFolder length] > 50)
        [label setFrame:NSMakeRect(45, 120, 400, 80)];
    [label setStringValue:selectedFolder];
    [[[myMatrix cells] objectAtIndex:1] setTitle:@"Why its not deselecting" ];
    [[[myMatrix cells] objectAtIndex:1] setSelected:NO];    // Not Working
    [[[myMatrix cells] objectAtIndex:1] deselectRow:1];     // Not Working


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 [[[myMatrix cells] objectAtIndex:1] setSelected:NO]


 [[[myMatrix cells] objectAtIndex:1] deselectRow:1]

both will not work as they are not a property of NSButtonCell

Instead of that method try this

[myMatrix selectCellAtRow:0 column:0];
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Just tried that vignesh, But what you gave doesn't work either. The Cell at (0,0) doesn't selected with the above line. – Zeus Sep 10 '12 at 11:57
You mean to change it from another function,while that function will be called from matrix action method. Let me try and update you – Zeus Sep 11 '12 at 10:40
@Zeus I have tried to change the selection even in -(void)windowDidBecomeKey:(NSNotification *)notification delegate method but selection can't be changed. – vignesh kumar Sep 11 '12 at 11:07

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