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Can I press back button of android emulator using selenium web driver?

Looking for help.

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I was using Selenium with Appium and Android emulator, succeeded with

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+1 I can confirm this works with real android devices as well. My app has a "camera" button, which I need to click, then capture a photo, then hit the device back button. the above code works like a charm. – Vish Aug 13 at 4:57
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Run the below command from my java class. It helps me to press back button.

         Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /K cd " +"../libs/android-sdk-windows/platform-tools");
         Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /C adb shell input keyevent 4");

Hope it will help others

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I've got the following assumtion: as we have such mapping

**Emulated Device Key** -**Keyboard Key**:
Home -  HOME;
Menu (left softkey)  -  F2 or Page-up button;
Star (right softkey) -  Shift-F2 or Page Down;
Back  - ESC;

Try to emulate sending 'esc' key.


If you wanna handle some popup (e.g. alert or confirm dialog box) and do not have any possibility to localize element prolly this works:

Alert a = driver.switchTo().alert();
a.confirm(); // or dismiss() if you want to hit 'cancel'

Hope this helps you)

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Thanks for your help but it does not solve my problem. But i manage to solve it using adb command – deepak goel Sep 11 '12 at 3:54

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