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I m building an app, in which i m populating database using sql dump file (<<*.sql). I want model validation false while inserting data from Sql File. How can it be possible?



Name | Email

user_table << users.sql

user.rb(model) validate_presence_of :email

want to do all model validation false while i insert data from sql file.

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What's your script to insert data? –  apneadiving Sep 10 '12 at 7:23

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If you're loading data from an SQL file (e.g. using something like mysql < dump.sql at the command line) then your validations won't apply. The validations only apply if you're using ActiveRecord (e.g. using a Ruby script that calls save on an instance of the User model).

If you find that you can't load your data without using ActiveRecord then the problem is probably your database schema not allowing NULL values in certain columns.

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