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I have 2 windows Azure Database serveur with same tables scheme on them but with differents data.
In my site I connect with my first db like this:


<add name="FirstDBContext" connectionString="..." providerName="..." />


public class FirstDBContext: DbContext
   public DbSet<Data> Datas{ get; set; }


private UsersContext db = new UsersContext();
public ViewResult Index()
   return View(db.Datas.ToList());

As you can see I have my db set in the code. How can I change this to be able to change dynamically to one DB to another with a drop list for example ?

Thanks a lot !

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You can pass the name of the connection string when initializing the UsersContext

For example if you have the following connection stirngs

<add name="csFirstDB" connectionString="..." providerName="..." />
<add name="csSecondDB" connectionString="..." providerName="..." />

You can change your UsersContext to

public class UsersContext : DbContext {
    public UsersContext (string connectionName) : base(connectionName){ }

Now when you initialize the UsersContext class object, pass in the connection string name and it will refer to that particular db.

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Thanks it's a great idea. To answer you correctly. I can now change the target db and I can list the entries. But when I want details on an entry it returns an error.
I have for testing :

private UsersContext db = new UsersContext("db1");

public ViewResult Index()
   db = new UsersContext("db2");
   return View(db.Users.ToList());

This returns the good db2 list but when i go on details it fails and returns an error.

Here is the answer of the problem : Changing dbContext at runtime

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