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I have a Jmeter script which will fire some HTTP requests. From the requests i am getting the required values to my output.
In the jmeter.properties file i have mentioned as follow:

# For use with Comma-separated value (CSV) files or other formats
# where the fields' values are separated by specified delimiters
# Default:
# For TAB, since JMeter 2.3 one can use:

But it is not reflecting in my output.

How to resolve this issue?

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If you really did what you are describing in the code excerpt, then you forgot to uncomment fields by removing # before the concerned line.

Furthermore you are making a mistake in the property names, they should be:

  • jmeter.save.saveservice.default_delimiter=|
  • jmeter.save.saveservice.default_delimiter=\t

For full reference, see jmeter.properties.

But I am not sure to answer your question , as it is not clear though, can you clarify it.


Philippe M.

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