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I've got a class called Databaseprovider and there I have a static OracleTransaction property called CurrentTransaction. Here's how I assign value to it:

        OracleConnection connection = ConnectionProvider.CreateConnection(conString);
        DatabaseProvider.CurrentTransaction = connection.BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted);

I've just noticed that after Commit or Rollback the connection property of my transactions gets set to null. Now I wonder what happens to the OracleConnection object I created before? Does it get Closed and disposed too, or it becomes a free, unreachable object?

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The connection remains open until the code has .Close().

Instead of the above code, write the code with using block.

using (OracleConnection connection = ConnectionProvider.CreateConnection(conString))

Initialize the expensive objects when needed, dispose it off after the use.

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Use try catch finally block and close the connection explicitly in the finally block to release the connection.

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