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I'm having problems building an IAR project from Jenkins windows batch plugin. However the same command works perfectly fine directly from the same machines built in command prompt.

Build command: "C:\Program Files\IAR Systems\Embedded Workbench 6.4\common\bin\iarbuild" protective\iar_project\cpup_project.ewp -build Debug -log all

When building from Jenkins the following error occur:

Fatal Error[c0000142]: Uncontrolled termination

Error while running C/C++ Compiler

The same build, that is the exact same version, has previously worked from Jenkins too. No aditional upgrades has been made to Jenkins.

System: Windows XP

Jenkins version: 1.466.1

Does anyone know what this is caused by?

How can I correct it?

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I had a similar problem running iarbulid from jenkins on an xp machine. I observed iarbuild failing with the same error message.

Based on searches for the term c0000142 (eg. CreateProcess succeeds, but GetExitCodeProcess returns C0000142), and my own observation with procmon I think it has to do with iccarm referencing user32.dll, probably unnecessarily, which seems like it can be problematic in a service. The problem appears to go away by changing the jenkins service to log on as a user however.

Interestingly, prior to that change, iccarm would sometime fail and sometimes succeed. My build was composed of several calls to iarbuild to generate library dependencies, followed by a call to build my application. The library builds would always succeed, but the final application build would usually fail with the above error. I haven't gotten to the bottom of that difference however.

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Problem solved.

I have an additional webserver running with a wiki on the same machine, when I stopped this service (Apache) the IAR build worked again!

I really don't know what could be the conflict between the windows batch command in Jenkins and the Apache webserver. Jenkins and the webserver run on completely different ports.

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