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I'm implementing a separate Change Password module in Liferay, especifically, extending the Login portlet such that it has a Change Password upon login.

I tried calling the struts action enterprise_admin/edit_user but it does not work but I have implemented my own password checker by getting the Password Policy of that user and checking the minUpperCase, etc in that class but is there a way that i can check the syntax without looping through the password and counting the minUpperCase, etc.?

Does Liferay has a specific method in checking whether the password applies in the password policy?

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You could try this. That's what they do in UserLocalService

PasswordPolicy passwordPolicy = passwordPolicyLocalService.getDefaultPasswordPolicy(companyId);
PwdToolkitUtil.validate(companyId, 0, password1, password2, passwordPolicy);
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If you don't see PwdToolkitUtil you could try this way:

Object[] arguments= {user.getCompanyId(), user.getUserId(), password, password, passwordPolicy};
MethodKey methodKey = new MethodKey("", "validate", long.class, long.class, String.class , String.class, PasswordPolicy.class);
PortalClassInvoker.invoke(false, methodKey, arguments);
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If you only customized the login because of the "change password on login" feature, you could also just use the portal's default behaviour with UserLocalServiceUtil.updatePassword, nothe the fourth parameter:

public static User updatePassword(long userId,
                                  String password1,
                                  String password2,
                                  boolean passwordReset,
                                  boolean silentUpdate)
                       throws PortalException,

Updates the user's password, optionally with tracking and validation of the change.

    userId - the primary key of the user
    password1 - the user's new password
    password2 - the user's new password confirmation
    passwordReset - whether the user should be asked to reset their password the next time they login
    silentUpdate - whether the password should be updated without being tracked, or validated. Primarily used for password imports.  
    the user  
    PortalException - if a user with the primary key could not be found 
    SystemException - if a system exception occurred
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