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I've write this code. But it called three times called when I clicked image. It should be called foo() method once.Do you have any idea?

<div ng-controller="photoCtrl">

        <img ng-src="{{currentImg.path}}" class="current-img"></img>
            <li ng-repeat="image in images" class="thumb-list">
            <img ng-src={{image.path}}/ class="thumb" ng-click={{foo()}}></img>



PhotoCtrl is here...

var photoCtrl = function($scope){
    $scope.images = [
    $scope.currentImg = _.first($scope.images);

    $scope.foo = function(){

    $scope.setCurrentImg = function(item){

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foo() is being executed each time the li template is rendered (3 times as you have 3 images) because it is enclosed in {{ }}.




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Thanks you very much. It works. –  nobinobiru Sep 11 '12 at 0:22

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