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I'm writting a NMEA sentences parser, and couldn't find ant documentation about GPRMA sentence except that it is: "Recommended minimum specific Loran-C data". does anyone know what is the meaning of this sentence? does the longitude and latitude in it refer to the gps device current location?


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From the very handy guide at

eg. $GPRMA,A,llll.ll,N,lllll.ll,W,,,ss.s,ccc,vv.v,W*hh
1    = Data status 
2    = Latitude
3    = N/S
4    = longitude
5    = W/E
6    = not used
7    = not used
8    = Speed over ground in knots
9    = Course over ground
10   = Variation
11   = Direction of variation E/W
12   = Checksum 

Now, LORAN data is not GPS. It is similar, but an old standard of ground stations that were used to find positions. So to specifically answer your question, no, this is not GPS data. If you want GPS data, you will need $GPRMC.

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can I recieve from my gps device a 'GPRMA' sentence? and if so, do the Latitude and longitude data in it, represent the current location? – kakush Sep 12 '12 at 7:20
No, LORAN is not GPS, so no, this sentence does not represent data from a GPS. Yes, the latitude and longitude in this sentence contain the current location. – Brad Sep 12 '12 at 13:56

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