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I'm looking for a way to playback .flv files using java. This means I will need a ffmpeg lib that is cross-platform. I've been toying with jmf and fobs4jmf, but I cannot playback in linux because I need a native library (maybe

Is there any java lib that allows me to playback .flv besides fobs4jmf? Or fobs4jmf can be used in linux, mac, etc? A pure-java lib would be perfect!

Edit: The player will be deployed as a java web start app (targetting jre6).

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I'm probably not reading your question correctly, but I don't understand what you have against fobs4jmf. It seems to support Mac and Linux fine, see

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I'm looking for a pure java ffmpeg decoder. – Miguel Ping Aug 20 '09 at 12:52

i would use a blatant shortcut. use an embedded browser and have it play the file using the browser's flash plugin.

heres how to embed a browser in your app, and just deliver it content through a really simple embedded web server. im sure you can just pickup a flash app that plays flv's no problem with the help of google.

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you probably want a go with javafx in this:

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Xuggler works on Linux, Mac and Windows. I think it'll do the trick.

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