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I'm looking for Counting Bloom Filter implementations in Java. I found the Hadoop implementation but as far as I can tell it lacks functionality to increase and decrease the count of a member. If it implements the Java Set interface as well this would be a nice feauture but not a must have.

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Found this Apache Hadoop CountingBloomFilter.

I tends to trust Apache's libraries.

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Link only answers are discouraged. If the link changes or gets removed, it invalidates the answer. Better to post the essentials of the linked info –  Stuart Siegler Feb 25 at 0:43

java Bloom filters from google projects

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This is an implementation of a classic Bloom filter. I need functionality to remove elements. For example as described here (eecs.harvard.edu/~michaelm/postscripts/esa2006b.pdf), although it describes a specific implementation it is imo easier to understand than the original paper. –  rob Sep 10 '12 at 10:26

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