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I have Some Sybase Server/Databases. I know 1. Server Name 2. Database Name 3. Username 4. Password. Using this I can connect using ISQL but while using RapidSQL it asks for port. I have existing application which uses DSN, while creating DSN also it asks for port. I am looking for 2 possiblies using RapidSQL/Creating DSN without port or How to find port mumber?

I do not have SQL.ini file.

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Try this:

  1. Go to start-> RUN -> type dsedit. There will be a mneu "Select Directory Services"
  2. Click ok on InterfacesDriver.
  3. Highlight your server name on the left pane.

You will see its IP/Hostname and Port number on the right pane.

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If isql works then the Sybase client must have the port number defined.

On Windows, I'd expect %SYBASE%\ini\sql.ini to contain a record for your server, and you'll see the port number.

(On Unix, $SYBASE/interfaces is the equivalent file.)

I don't know if it's possible but can RapidSql use a native Sybase connection? It sounds as if you're setting it up for ODBC?

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I do not have sql.ini file, added screen shot to the question please have a look. –  Pritesh Sep 10 '12 at 10:02
What is your environment variable %SYBASE% set to? If you can connect with Sybase isql from this Windows machine then it must be set. The fact your screen dump shows a sybase ini directory without sql.ini suggests to me that you haven't run isql from this machine, but I can't be sure. Another thing you can do is ask the Database Administrater for the port number. –  abe_crabbers Sep 11 '12 at 15:36

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