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When I used composer command "install" or "upload", I had fatal errors such as :

PHP Fatal error: include(): Cannot redeclare class...

I solved the problem by changing in my apc.ini (or in your php.ini) :

apc.enable_cli = 1


apc.enable_cli = 0

I hope this helps you

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Adding the error message so people are more likely to find this question when searching by the error message. PHP Fatal error: include(): Cannot redeclare class composer\command\helper\dialoghelper in phar:///opt/foo/composer.phar/vendor/composer/ClassLoader.php on line 150 – ejunker Nov 26 '12 at 16:26

The composer installer at should warn you about this - it's the best way to get the composer.phar and be sure your system is setup properly.

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