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I am running purify 7.0 on Hp-UX 11.11B with aCC 3.85.I set the environt variable as below: export PURIFYOPTIONS="-max_threads=4000 -enable-thread-stack-change=yes"

But still I am getting the below error and the purify comes to an halt with the below error message:

Purify: Error: Ran out of thread local data space. Exiting. The maximum number of threads is currently 4000. To increase the number of allocated threads, use a command like (ksh) PURIFYOPTIONS="-max_threads=8000 $PURIFYOPTIONS"; export PURIFYOPTIONS (csh) setenv PURIFYOPTIONS "-max_threads=8000 printenv PURIFYOPTIONS"

If I put ="-max_threads=8000" it's asking again with to increase the size to 16000 (double whatever is in the PURIFYOPTIONS variable.

Can someone help to fix this issue?

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I have already heard about this kind of behavior from customer running heavy multithreaded application. The bottom line was that there is not enough space on the machine to run Purify.

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