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I have a website developed with Liftweb, which runs on tomcat 6 on port 8080 behind an apache webserver on port 80. The apache server binds the / path to the tomcat application folder (which look like /liftweb-application/).

Unfortunately, lift adds automatically the liftWeb.js in my HTML code with the tomcat application folder as prefix. Thus, instead of www.mydomain.com/ajax_request/liftAjax.js, I have www.mydomain.com/liftweb-application/ajax_request/liftAjax.js which doesn't exist.

My question is : is there a way to change the base url from www.mydomain.com/liftweb-application/ to www.mydomain.com/ ?

Thanks in advance !

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Yes, you will need to deploy your WAR file as the ROOT context in Tomcat. This seems like a pretty decent explanation: http://benhutchison.wordpress.com/2008/07/30/how-to-configure-tomcat-root-context/

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Thanks ! I'll try that. –  xurei Sep 13 '12 at 12:50

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